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Antonio Fernández Carriedo

Reino de España

The Kingdom of Spain


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The Country of Passion! This particular personified country is full of passion of all sorts! Never one to abandon things half finished, Antonio is the one to call when you need something done or advice or nearly anything! He can be quite the flirt so watch out! As flirtatious as he is, he won't ever cheat on or stray from the one who he has devoted his heart to. Once he's given it, he's committed & true. But please be cautious, his passionate heart is quite fragile if tossed around. And whoever his lover may be, it is guaranteed that romance of the best kind will be served to them~.

A smile that'll light up your day! It's true, you very rarely see this Spaniard without his signature bright smile. After all, being overly optimistic would eventually effect those around you to being happy as well, right? Well that's how he sees it! Antonio has an array of different smiles, will you see them all? Besides, a smile can say so much! Or, it can hide much as well. As expressive as he may seem, the Spanish man won't always show exactly what he's feeling. Negative emotions are the ones he chooses to hide from the world. A motto to describe this? Smile through the pain.

Empire where the Sun Never Sets! One an empire of great strength & power, that all came with a price. Cruelty shown to innocents. Bloodbaths & massacres. Death & sickness. Antonio was once a power hungry nation, colonizing most of Latin America & only caring about how he could profit from them. And what better time of day to attack them then at night or in a cloak of lies & false promises? It would explain why Antonio now has a fear of the dark & really does adore the sunlight of his country! He can't sleep without a night light of sorts & why he considers the sunlight a hug from Mother Nature.

Spanish Serenades? If you ask him to, then of course! Sometimes, you won't even have to ask! He wouldn't brag, okay, maybe a bit! But he is rather proud of his voice & uses it often. Other than talking that is! With a sweet Spanish voice, he sings loud & clear for all to hear! Whether he is working in his tomato field, his cafe, shopping for groceries, cooking or cleaning around the house, or even just on a stroll through his country, one can bet that the Spaniard will be singing! Sometimes, one might even hear a guitar accompanying his lyrics or even a dance to wrap it all together!

((Merry Christmas everyone & I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season! >u< Now, this journal wasn't really working quite well, so this rewrite will probably suck ;A; Anyways! Comment with either one you want to do, or separate comments if you want to do both~!))

1) Oyabun Santa!

You were invited to Spain for Antonio's annual Christmas party! The entire house was decorated in fabulous holiday cheer! With mistletoe hanging from every doorway, red ribbons & golden bows along the chairs & couches, & a large Christmas tree in the living room decorated with multicoloured lights, shiny ornaments & a large golden star atop it. Stockings were hanging along the mantle piece & large red poinsettias in pots littered the floor in strategical places.  

And the food! Sure, there was your typical sandwiches & meats & such, but what really had the spotlight on the tables of the living room, kitchen & dining room were the holiday sweets! They ranged from churros, flan, gingerbread cookies, fruitcake, eggnog & most importantly, hot chocolate! Yum!

Now, whether or not you were enjoying the party was up to you. But just as the clock struck twelve, the host suddenly came out in a Santa costume. Minus the beard & big belly of course! Though the Spaniard did have a sack that seemed like it could be filled with presents inside. And as soon as he saw you he grinned widely & winked, a mischievous look in his green eyes. "Feliz Navidad! Now, have you been naughty or nice this year~?"

2) Holiday Season!

Antonio's flight had just landed in your country. It was late Christmas Eve & he was running as fast as he could to your home. He really didn't mean to be so late! It was just that his Boss had made him do so much extra work before the holidays! Originally, he was supposed to meet you in the afternoon, but again? Work was in the way! So the Spaniard ran past the original meeting place & headed right to your home.

He was panting & trying his best to hurry. The bag that probably contained your present & a few other things, was hitting against his leg as he ran. He prayed that you were at home & weren't too mad. When he finally arrived, Antonio rang the bell & knocked on the door. If/When you answered, he smiled apologetically at you. "Lo siento! Lo siento! B-but there was so much work I needed to do!" he took a breath & looked a bit sheepish. ". . .Feliz Navidad?"
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iamAWSOMEkesese Jul 8, 2013
TONI!!!!!!: D
PrussianRecipeBook Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*raids his fridge and leaves*
*knows it's him and waits for him at his house in the basement his room, under the bed*
PrussianRecipeBook Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*returns to his home.............*

SFX: *badum-badum*

*goes down to his roooom....*
*pops out from under the bed*

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    [[Pokin you ewe]] "Hermañooooo~" Sang the female spaniard over to the other and grinned brightly and opened her arms for a hug " ¡Hola hermanito! Long time!!! ¿Si? "
The Dutchman walked through the streets of Spain, a little eager to see Antonio today. You see, the thing is that today was that this
certain Spaniard had a birthday today, and Abel hoped he'd have at least a little time to give him his present and visit for a while, maybe go out somewhere if they had time.

It did take a while to get there that day, it was also a surprise. He didn't normally do things like that, but he figured he'd try and surprise the other, if he guessed he would come or not. If things did go right, Antonio would have been there and would have enough time for a visit. The Dutchman of course couldn't be to sure and worried almost the entire way, eventually walking up to the Spaniard's house and knocking on the door.
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